(the best band you never heard of)

What is Wonderloaf?  Ha, glad you asked! 


We are 5 individuals who share a passion.  The line up is now solidified with a male and female lead singers who sing as it their lives depended on it, a lead guitarist that makes you wonder "how did he do that" and a rhythm section of bass and drums that drive the whole 'Loaf' and "bring the heavy".  We accept the fact that we may not fit into a typical mold (bread joke?) of a cover band.  We all play with a passion and dedication to the music, the song, the venue.  Promising to dish out some tasty nuggets, some surprises, some familiar gems and such that have the ability to make you wanna get up and dance!

But...what we found out is that each one of us is:

A brain...

And an athlete...

And a basket case...

A princess...

And a criminal.

Does that answer your question?

Sincerely yours,





Jesse embodies what rock and roll is all about. Passion and talent, with humility in his back pocket. Jesse's guitar playing is fearlessly experimental when he wants to go "out there," and in the pocket when the song calls for things to stay under control. He can blow out massive riffs and bluesy leads, or paint subtle soundscapes with a dizzying array of effects, Jesse's singing makes people pay attention. It's got real grit, with natural overtones that make you think of packs of menthols and bottles of hooch, but it's all natural.

Sue Slick:


Short Stop


Susie has been singing for as long as she can remember. Her soulful voice has been the backbone of several local classic rock & blues bands, and even a disco dance band.  Sue enjoys singing all types of music and can cover anything from Linda to Janis to Aretha to Rihanna as well as many songs traditionally sung by male leads from Rogers to Mercury to Plant to Morrison.  Sue has a great gift for harmony, but her voice is not her only instrument…want more cowbell? Susie has it!  Want some tambourine? Susie is the "Hendrix" of tambourine! She has moxie, talent and is fierce enough, when needed, to run the Wicked Witch straight outta town!

Nick At Night:

lead guitar

Starting Pitcher


Nick is our secret weapon.  Sometimes we like to play "stump the lead guitarist".....but have yet to stump him!  Nick is capable of intricate leads, note for note solos when the "iconic" need arises and he is a true chameleon on the guitar.  The only thing Nick lacks is the big ego to match his talent. All in all, Nick is who YOU want in your band, too late, he's in ours!

Randy Fogge:


Center Field


Randy plays drums, talks drums, eats drums, talks drums some more, sleeps with a set in his master bedroom!  If the band swerves off into uncharted Sabbath / Zeppelin territory be rest assured Randy will bring a smile to your face as he steers the "loaf to safe waters, he will.... bring it, bring it, bring it like no one went MIA in 1980! Randy holds the fort down like the F in F Troop!

Gary Grzybek:

4 string thing

First Bass


Gary doesn't sing, but man, the kid can play!  You'll never find a more solid bass player.  Whether he is playing Sabbath, Stones, fast or slow, Gary is our backbone.  He plays with the precision of a Swiss watch locking down the rhythms and the passion of a switch blade.  He  also knows when to lay back, play in the pocket or add a bit flare.